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Why settle for average, when you can be great?

Standing against the tide is never easy, especially when we try to do things differently or when we shine a little too bright for some people's liking. But let me tell you something important: that's perfectly okay. In fact, it's more than okay; it's truly wonderful to be different, to be unique. And it's definitely okay not to please everyone, not to blend in, not to be mediocre or average.

But how do you learn not to care about those who dislike you just because you're forging your own path? Here are three practical tips you can put to use.

1. Practice Self-Love

The first step is to acknowledge your worth and love yourself for who you are. You are unique, and you are valuable. When you truly love and accept yourself, others' negative opinions will lose their hold on you. So do things that feed your soul, and surround yourself with people who lift you up. And yes, I know it might sound like sugar-coated fluff, but it works! I challenge you to give it a try and feel the impact.

2. Accept That You Can't Please Everyone

It's impossible to be everyone's cup of tea, and that's okay. Understand that when people react negatively to you, it says more about them than about you. Often, the things that annoy us the most are things we either wish we could do and can't, can't be bothered with, or haven't yet cracked. In 99.9% of the cases, it's NOT about you when someone speaks ill of you behind your back, especially if it's about a success or a project you've embarked on. Perhaps they are afraid of change, or envious of your success. Learn to distinguish between constructive criticism, which you can grow from, and baseless negativity, which you can choose to ignore.

3. Use Your Energy Positively

Focus on creating, learning, growing, and contributing positively to the world. When you concentrate on what truly matters, it becomes easier to ignore the negative voices. Remember that your time and energy are precious. Spend them on people and activities that make you happy and help you achieve your goals. Surround yourself with supportive individuals and those who possess skills you aspire to have; that way, you'll strive upwards and won't feel the need to downplay your strengths just to fit in.

Learning not to care about those who dislike you is a journey. But by practicing these three things, you can start to free yourself from the need for others' validation and live your life on your own terms. Always remember: You are amazing, and you have every right to shine bright!

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