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Attitude is everything

In a world where resumes are often swapped and compared like Pokémon cards, there’s something utterly refreshing about zooming out to see the bigger picture. We’re talking hiring here – not just scooping up a resume, but embracing a whole person. Here’s a little shout-out:

How about we dial up the focus on attitude rather than a laundry list of accolades?

Picture a team where everyone’s resume sparkles with the same polish. They’ve all marched through the halls of top-tier universities, aced the same courses, and mastered the art of crafting the perfect PowerPoint. Sure, it sounds dazzling at first glance, but it can end up feeling like you’re watching the same movie on repeat. Where’s the element of surprise? The innovation?

Now, let’s flip the script. Imagine a team that makes room for those without the diploma but with the right vibe – the ones who haven’t necessarily trotted down the traditional career path. Maybe there’s someone from the world of stand-up comedy who can turn a dry presentation into an engaging spectacle. Or what about a former elite athlete? They know all about setting goals and hustling hard to achieve them. Suddenly, team meetings aren’t just productive, they’re inspiring and – dare I say it? – fun!

A prime example of the power of attitude can be found in the tech world. Steve Jobs didn’t have a traditional educational background for what he ended up creating. Yet, his curiosity, passion, and persistence pushed him to think differently. He surrounded himself with people who weren’t just paper-qualified but who were fired up to innovate and break new ground.

And then there’s Sara Blakely, the brain behind Spanx, a sterling example of how a unique mindset can flip an entire industry on its head. Coming from a background in fax machine sales, she leveraged her creativity and iron will to build a brand that has empowered women worldwide. It’s not just Blakely’s product that made waves, but her attitude and approach to business.

The crux of the matter is, when you hire for attitude, you’re investing in potential that can acquire the necessary skills and already possesses that unteachable extra: passion, drive, and the ability to think outside the box. This creates a work environment that’s dynamic, more enjoyable, innovative, and just plain cooler to be a part of.

I’m not saying to toss your resume into the bin, a stellar resume is great, but the right attitude? That’s pure gold.

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