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everything you wanted to know but didn't like to ask

Born in 1966, mother of Line who was born in 1996.


Grandmother of Ellie, born in 2019.

Trained bank assistant, also studied sports at university, as well as psychotherapy and coaching.


Author of 6 books, published a CD and a DVD.


Has two Norwegian forest cats and lives in Copenhagen.


Member of 18 animal protection organizations and loves good comedy.


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Feel free to contact me for more info

Since 1999 full-time lecturer.


Primary competence is to spark life into a gathering, get a group to interact and communicate better, give energy, create fertile ground for new thinking and positivity and this can be done equally well in both Danish and English. 


Tasks as a conference speaker are also welcome, as well as day courses in presentation technique.


It is recommended to click on the "references" button - then you can read what others have gained from the lectures, and under the "lecture" button you can see a short clip from a large conference at the Bella Center.


In 2020 I started the podcast Lykkefix, and have since also hosted "Entrepreneur stories" Both podcasts are located in the company Cooper & Mollie which I have together with Business Angel, Allan Sønderskov Darré

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Seen mostly a bladder-ass element

Sven Balschmidt started Bagsværd rowing club with a handful of friends.

He had a daughter, Lene Balschmidt, who, like the rest of the family, found great pleasure in sport.

One day when Ole Bloch was watching rowing on television, he thought it looked great and joined the rowing club... not many years later, I was born.

So rowing has always been part of the family and continues to be.


The career started in 1981, but it was not until 1990 that he managed to become world champion... the first time... (look here is the bladder-ass element!) - it then became two bronzes and one more gold at the WC, and well over 100 victories at nationals and international regattas. The rock career finally ended in 1998.

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